Teach In about Title IX and the History of Anti-Rape Culture Activism at Harvard

Teach In about Title IX and the History of Anti-Rape Culture Activism at Harvard

There is a lot of energy on campus right now to take action, following a survivor’s account of university indifference and retaliation. Let’s begin to direct our energy to impactful action by first learning about Title IX and the history of student activism against rape culture at Harvard. Join us next Wednesday at 4pm in Boylston 103! RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/561184383996105/


Survivors Are Not a Liability: our demands

Survivors Are Not a Liability: our demands

1. Standardize the informal process through which survivors can seek academic, residential, and extracurricular accommodations 

2. Ad Board must adhere to Title IX standards in order to provide an expedient decision-making process for survivors.

3. University employees, including faculty, residential staff, and administrators, must undergo thorough training about Title IX.  

Amherst’s Angie Epifano responds to SVU

Amherst’s Angie Epifano responds to SVU

I do realize that SVU should be commended for putting college sexual assaults into the cable TV spotlight, but, honestly, at what cost was it done? They will capitalize off of the episode, go on their merry ways and never have to think or worry about us Survivors again. Id nothing else, the ending should have more accurately reflected the continuous battle against colleges that Survivors face. Instead of ending the episode with such finality, it should have been left open, reminding people that the fight against corrupt colleges is never ending.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Harvard

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR), along with a variety of exciting and supportive sponsors, has some fascinating discussions and events lined up! Please see below for individual events!!!! [Facebook event page]

April 1st @ 8pm – Sever 113
Dr. David Lisak–“Inside the Mind of a College Rapist”
Join Dr David Lisak, author of “The Undetected Rapist,” as he discusses the characteristics and behaviors of college rapists and how these insights can help prevent rape at Harvard.
Co-sponsored by HMAR

April 5th @ 7pm – Cabot SCR
“Reading the signs: A Dating Workshop”
Ever wondered… How do I meet somebody? How do I start a conversation? How can I tell if they like me? How do I ask them out? Come find out at this funny and interactive workshop!
Co-sponsored by Cabot SASH and the BGLTQ Office

April 7th @5-7pm – Ticknor Lounge
TBTN Kickoff – featuring great food, music, spoken word performances, and information about resources and ending sexual violence on campus.

April 8th @ 8pm – Sever 310
“It Was Rape” – A powerful new documentary by Jennifer Baumgardner which highlights the stories of a wide variety of women survivors.
Co-sponsored by Pleiades, Seneca, Kappa Alpha Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha
Facebook page

April 10th @ Stop by between 6-8pm – Ticknor Lounge
“Project Unbreakable”–The creator of this breakthrough photographic project will discuss her work and display some photo stories. Snacks provided
Co-sponsored by Response
Facebook page

April 15th @ 8pm – Sever 310
“The Invisible War”–The academy award nominated documentary on Sexual Assault and Women in the Military. With special guest commentator, Duane De Four, consultant to the US Military, educator and creator of the blog “HowManly”
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April 16th @ 7-8:30pm – PBHA Parlor Room
“Blame it on the Alcohol?” Join OSAPR staff for a lively discussion about sex, booze and enthusiastic consent. Snacks Provided
Co-sponsored by DAPA
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April 17th @ 8pm – Sever 310
Join Boston’s GBLTQ Domestic Violence Program for a workshop on Intimate Partner Violence in GBLTQ communities. Desserts Provided
Co-sponsored by the BGLTQ Office and TTF

April 18th @ 4pm – Location TBA
“With a little help from our friends” – How can you combat rape culture via interpersonal relationships?
Co-sponsored by HCWC

April 22nd @ 8pm – Sever 310
“Consent and Negotiation” Join members of Munch to talk about how to set safe sexual boundaries and get what you want out of your sex life. Snacks provided
Co-sponsored by Munch and the BGLTQ Office

April 23rd @6-8pm – PBHA Parlor Room
“Neurobiology of Sexual Assault Trauma and Implications for Supporting Survivors” Presented by Dr. James Hopper. Dinner provided. RSVP required.

April 24th @ 8pm – Steps of Memorial Church
Harvard’s Annual Candlelight Vigil and Speak Out
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Rape is a Violent Crime

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Silence ≠ Consent

The boys’ lawyers plan to argue that silence is consent. Attorneys for Maystried to get the charges dropped entirely because two of his friends were denied the chance to serve as witnesses. When that failed, the defense came up with a different strategy: They plan to argue that, “[s]he didn’t affirmatively say no,” and thus gave her consent. This ignores Ohio’s law, much like laws in the rest of the country, that agreeing to go out with someone does not mean you have given consent to sex. The lawyers’ argument is perhaps most disturbing, because it actually echoes one of the jokes captured in the uploaded Anonymous video: “It isn’t really rape because you don’t know if she wanted to or not.”

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It’s also on Feministing!

The Crimson article is ALSO on Feministing!!!

Harvard’s student paper, the Crimson, has published a story detailing the concerns of survivors of sexual violence on the school’s Cambridge campus. The piece includes a nowalltoofamiliarnarrative of opaque disciplinary procedures, widespread denial, and victims who found nothing more than shame and alienation from the boards set-up to respond to their complaints.

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