Know Your IX team building!

Know Your IX team building!

Know Your IX is a campaign founded and led by student survivors and allies to educate students about Title IX, which mandates that universities that receive federal funding proactively create a campus free of sexual discrimination/violence. Our organizers have contributed to various sections of the website. KYIX is looking for anti-violence activists to be part of this team. 
The media coverage of sexual assault on college campuses in the past year has been very white washed, even though sexual violence continues to haunt the lives of those who are not wealthy heterosexual white women who did everything “right.” To counter the media erasure of the “more difficult narratives” (read: not white, not woman, not straight), KYIX is encouraging: 

We particularly encourage people from historically marginalized groups, including but not limited to people with disabilities, people of color, trans people, queer people, first- or second-generation immigrants (including undocumented people), and people from low income families. We also encourage students from types of schools often overlooked in discussions of campus violence, and survivors of forms of sexual and gender-based violence commonly ignored by anti-violence efforts (relationship abuse, same-sex violence, etc.) to apply. KYIX is a student-driven campaign, so we will prioritize applications from those currently or recently enrolled as students and those directly impacted by campus violence.

You can see the application HERE. Please consider joining the team! 

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