Harvard Hires Title IX Coordinator

Harvard Hires Title IX Coordinator

Harvard has hired a Title IX Coordinator to oversee the University’s compliance with the 40-year-old gender equality legislation, according to a Harvard spokesperson.

The new appointee, whose name will be announced when he or she begins work in March, will monitor Harvard’s policies “to ensure compliance with state and federal law and regulations,” wrote Faculty of Arts and Sciences spokesperson Jeff Neal in an emailed statement.

According to the statement, the new coordinator will work across the University’s various schools and departments to collect statistics about sexual harassment on campus, disseminate educational material related to sexual assault prevention, and provide annual compliance reports to students and administrators. The appointee will also coordinate efforts to promote equal access for all students in admissions, athletics, and academics.

Neal wrote that the position was created last fall and the new coordinator was hired “in recent months.” He declined to comment on why Harvard decided to create the new post.

According to the Department of Education’s website, Title IX requires all colleges and universities to maintain a Title IX coordinator and notify all students of the coordinator’s name and contact information.

In recent years, Harvard has faced considerable external pressure to reevaluate its compliance with Title IX.



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